Sumex international® - Tornado Air Horns are extremely powerful, with a peak loud sound of up to 142 db. Our Tornado Blast is the dual tone horn most powerful of its category, being used by the police´s motorcycles in Italy.


When you want to have the attention of all the drivers not noticing you in the traffic, you must buy this super loud air horn. You will not go unnoticed.



  • Extremely Loud compared to the rest of its style.
  • Two Harmonzied Tones: Get the attention of other drivers not paying it !
  • Zero Defects: 100% Tested before leaving the factory.
  • Used by the police's motorcycles in Italy. Heavy duty.
  • Our compressors are made with top notch technology.
  • Light weight design (1.79 lbs)
  • Immediate activation, no time delay between the time you press the horn and the time it sounds. 
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Works with all vehicles including motorcycles, trucks, and cars. Installation instructions included.


Why our Tornado is the best option when it comes to small Air Horns?


  • The Marco design eliminates the sound loss by attaching the compressor using a bolt on design so the compressor cannot come loose from the sound unit. In order to eliminate the “O” ring failures, an intermediary unit is placed between the  sound unit and the compressor, absorbing the vibration in a way that sound integrity is not lost. Assembly of the “O” ring has changed to assure the “O” ring will not split when the compressor is installed – the intermediary piece accomplishes this. 
  • The sound unit caps are heated prior to assembly and when cooled they shrink into place eliminating cracking or falling off the horn.
  • The flat electrical plug in blade connectors have a mechanical block to assure they will not press back into the housing.  In addition, the installation of the blades is redesigned to avoid stress risers that can be embossed into the blade and cause stress riser failure of it. 
  • A loose impeller causes the plastic bottom of the compressor to loosen and afll form teh compressor causing failure. In teh case of the impeller of the Marco compressor, it is screwed into the shaft of the impeller so it has no vertical movement.  
  • The plastic brush holder of the compressor is replaced with a metal housing eliminating the failure of the plastic holder melting.
  • Cold weather performance down to -7 degrees F available with a redesigned impeller compressor. 


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