Steering Wheel AID:


Although many steering wheels have a booster device, but turn up there is still a very dignified feeling.

Usually two hands are used to fight a circle, if you catch the phone, maybe have to round the hand. But after the installation of the ball, one hand can easily hit a circle. 

This is because the power of the ball through the physical principles, the dispersion of the force on the steering wheel more concentrated in a position, will be handy to manipulate it. 

When the speed is too fast, do not use, safety first.


Product description:

Products below the steering wheel bayonet for the alloy material, the upper turntable is ABS plating. The inner side of the circular bayonet comes with a rubber ring, so it will not wear the steering wheel.


Product Features:

1. General driving cornering is always hard to turn, if there is a steering wheel aids, not only convenient turning, long-term driving people, it is an indispensable auxiliary tools.

2. Installed on the steering wheel, increasing the direction of the arm, thereby increasing the role of torque.

3. Turntable can be rotated 90 degrees, exquisite workmanship, handsome in appearance.

4. Suitable for steering wheel with a thickness of 32 mm or less.

5. Easy driving, long distance driving, steering wheel is no longer heavy; call / back / complex road can easily push one hand. Handy, let you go to the era of help.

6. The inside of the bayonet comes with a rubber ring, so it will not wear the steering wheel.


Installation method:

1. Fasten the screws with the screwdriver to loosen the screw until the lower fastening position can be opened

2. In the appropriate position pad lining, the power ball in the steering wheel, tighten the screw screw (do not tighten, to properly rotate the power ball, if the feeling is not easy to pretend to be able to tighten the screws)



Package Included:


1*Steering Wheel Aid Knob


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