Fragrances: New Car, Lemon, Black, Bubble Gum, Ocean Breeze, Green Grass, Exotic Vanilla

Let us surprise you with a wooden lid and natural string that highlight the eco-friendly nature of this Senso Wood Car Air Freshener.

★★ WHAT YOU NEED: Are you tired of always having to put up with that unpleasant car smell every time you’re going for a drive? Do you feel like most air fresheners have an intoxicating and harsh touch or simply don’t cover other smells? We offer the solution?

★★ SLOW RELEASE: The Dr. Marcus Senso Wood Air Freshener is specially designed with an innovative system of slow release of perfume, calculated to last a minimum of 65 days. Unlike other similar products on the market, this high-quality deodorizer will keep its intense and subtle note, instead of releasing all the fragrance at once.

★★ MULTI-PURPOSE: This elegant French perfume can be used to freshen up the air and hide unpleasant odours in your car, bathroom, bedroom or even in your office! Its compact container and delicate aroma are ideal for any living space.

★★ 7 QUALITY SCENTS: Our eco-friendly home & car deodorizer is based on an interesting selection of original French perfumes, guaranteed to capture your attention through their subtilty and surprise your olfactive senses! Comes in 7 Scents: Black, Bubble Gum, Ocean Breeze, New Car, Green Grass, Exotic Vanilla and Lemon

★★ ELEGANT DESIGN: The wooden lid and beautifully crafted string make a sophisticated combination, perfectly blending in with the elegant interior decorations of your home. The container of this sensational perfume adds a classy touch to every room.


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