Was made thanks to the combination of French perfumes and gelled consistency and it combines the highest quality and elegant design. Dr. Marcus presents a unique and sensual fragrance. Let yourself into the world of new exclusive sensations.

Fragrances: New Car, Wildberries, Black, Ocean, Citrus Dream, Green Apple, Green Tea, Sweet Cherry, Vanilla Cream, Intensive, Billionaire

WHAT YOU NEED: Are you tired of always having to put up with that unpleasant car odour every time you’re going for a drive? Do you feel like most air fresheners have an intoxicating and harsh touch or simply don’t absorb repellent smells? We offer the solution!

FRENCH QUALITY: This scented gel air freshener is based on an interesting selection of original French perfumes, guaranteed to capture your attention through their subtilty and surprise your olfactive senses! 

LONG LASTING: The 50ml container is easily hidden and is designed for a long lasting and gradual release of perfume, unlike regular products on the market. You will be able to enjoy the special scents for up to 75 days since broaching!

ODOUR ABSORBING: The deluxe Senso premium gel can be used to freshen up the air and hide unpleasant odours in your car, bathroom, bedroom or even in your office! Its compact container and delicate aroma are ideal for any living space, and the innovative formula guarantees its neutralizing properties!

CHOOSE YOUR FAVORITE: Wild berries, Ocean, Green Apple or perhaps something a bit more Intensive? The Senso Deluxe Collection has them all, and even more! Try them all and find your favourite fragrance!


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